Leasing and New Buyer Applications
The Valencia Isles Governing Documents require all new buyers to be approved prior to closing. As of January 1, 2019 the following new buyer application must be completed and returned to the Valencia Isles office along with an application fee of $195 which must be paid by check or money order. This application fee is per application not per applicant. If there will be multiple buyers on the deed, all can be listed on one new buyer application.
Please Click Here: Valencia Isles New Buyer Application
The Valencia Isles Governing Documents require the Board to approve all leases prior to move in and require a $100 application fee, payable by check or money order, that must be given to the office with the completed application. A security deposit of $500 must also be on file for the home that is being leased. All leasing applications must be returned 30 days prior to the lease start date.
Please Click Here: Valencia Isles Leasing Application