Committee Contact Info
Committee Contact Information
The following is a list of the Committees and their Charters, Chairperson and Meeting Time.  Please note that Ad Hoc Committees do not have charters. 
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Committee/Charter Chairperson Meeting Time
ACC Barbara Goldstein 3rd Friday 11:00 AM
A/V Mike Levine Last Friday 2:00 PM
Bistro (Cafe) Gerald Breslauer 2nd Friday 9:30 AM
Contract David Sachs As needed
Facilities Claire Litt 3rd Tuesday 2:30 PM
Finance Jeff Ducker 4th Tuesday 9:30 AM
Fitness Roberta Okonski 2nd Friday 3:30 PM
Lakes Chris Lewis 3rd Wednesday 9:00 AM
Cyndi Boyer (Co-chair H)
Cheri Kalvort (Chair S)
Sandy Kornheiser (Chair SE & W)
Holidays 2nd Wednesday 10:00 AM
Holidays 2nd Wednesday 10:00 AM
Special Events & Welcome 1st Monday10:00 AM
Long Term Land Use (Ad Hoc) Barbara Goldstein 1st Tuesday 1:00 PM
Purchasing Terry Solomon 1st Thursday 9:00 AM
Recreation Linda Zweigman 3rd Monday 4:00 PM
Rules & Regs Linda Kallish 1st Wednesday 9:00 AM
Times of Your Life Elle Lassman 2nd Monday 11:00 AM
VI Website (Ad Hoc) Miriam Parkinson 3rd Monday 9:00 AM