Valencia Isles Clubhouse offers various fitness classes.
The fitness schedule is available under the Facilities and Amenities Tab on the navigation bar.
Multiple fitness videos are available on the Homepage by clicking on the Fitness Videos text or picture.
Fitness Program
We would like to welcome you all back to the aerobics room with a "soft opening" of the indoor fitness classes.  For the safety and wellbeing of all participants, we have created a fitness class schedule for all fitness levels to return to strength training classes after a long break.  Please embrace the changes to the water aerobics schedules as we introduce the indoor classes.
We will be offering Chair Fitness classes and  20-20-20 Fitness classes. Each class is limited to 20 participants who will register for the class and be chosen using a lottery system.
Since participation in the indoor classes is limited, we cannot go back to our previous pricing schedule and allow residents to pay one fee for unlimited classes.
There will be separate participation fees for each type of class. We will be able to offer a discount to those who would like to register for water aerobics and one indoor fitness class.
The schedule and pricing are listed below. Please note that the pricing listed is for a full month.
In June, since classes will be starting halfway through the month, residents will pay half of the normal cost. In June the participation fee will be $20 to join indoor aerobics class A or B and $10 if you would like to participate in water aerobics and indoor aerobics class A or B.  
Class Pricing
Water Aerobics Only - $40
1/2 a month of Water Aerobics Only - $20
Indoor Aerobics Class A or B - $40 
Water Aerobics and Indoor Aerobics Class A or B: $60 
Please Click Here: Fitness Program Waiver