Proposed Recreation Enhancements
December 15, 2022 Vote
The vote on the proposed recreational enhancements will take place at a Special Membership Meeting which will be held 
on Thursday, December 15, 2022 at 7 p.m. in the Grand Hall. 
Electronic voting will open on Becker Ballots on Monday, November 14, 2022.
Voting Materials
A Vote for Lifestyle and Investment
In a few weeks we will be asked to vote for a project to revamp our Sports Park. Let’s look at both the value and cost of that project.
Valencia Isles’ outdoor recreation amenities currently suffer from age, poor planning and are not in sync with the demands of both current and prospective Homeowners. Therefore, the quality of life of our residents and the value of our homes are negatively impacted. Our Sports Park facilities lag behind almost every other 55 plus community in the area.
The proposed renovation will add a) 2 Bocce courts for an activity that is wildly popular in neighboring communities, b) 5 new and correctly positioned Pickleball courts to meet the needs of our residents, c) a proper half basketball court and d) expanded parking to accommodate players and spectators.
Most of us on the committee are neither a Pickleball nor a shuffleboard player. We would love to try Bocce when we get courts. We are, however, Homeowners who value the reputation of Valencia Isles and the investment in our homes
Now the value of the above comes with a cost. The vote will ask Homeowners to approve an expenditure of $700,000, requiring an assessment of $780 per home. For those wishing to pay the assessment over 4 quarters, the cost will be $200 per payment. The $700,000 is a not to exceed amount. 
When we consider paying $200 for 4 quarters it equates with one $67 a month restaurant bill for 12 months. However, the meals give pleasure for 2 hours not the 10 years a revitalized Sports Park will provide.
According to Real Estate professionals this renovation will add many thousands to the market value of our homes. The expense is also an investment. Contrasting with rising prices at the supermarket and gas station, this expense has a payback. We urge you to vote YES when you receive the ballot.
Your Neighbors on the Land Use Committee

 View the Video on the Sports Park Enhancements & Improvements
This video was presented on Tuesday, August 23, 2022 at 7 p.m.
(This presentation will also be available on Hotwire for you to view)
The Ad Hoc Land Use Committee was formed in the Fall of 2020. The Committee was tasked with reviewing VI’s current recreational facilities, surveying the homeowners to determine desired amenities and engaging a land use/planning firm to develop a conceptual design plan for updating our amenities.
A Survey Monkey questionnaire was created, distributed to homeowners and the results documented.  
The Committee identified the community's desired amenities and then met with multiple site planning/ design firms, reviewing proposals and following with reference checks.  Once WGI was selected, the Committee provided WGI with the results of the survey to help them understand our Homeowners desired upgrades to our recreational facilities.  In addition to providing WGI with the results of the survey, the committee made WGI aware of other challenges involved in upgrading VI’s amenities. These include:
  • Parking:  parking at the Sports Park is very limited and is insufficient during peak hours                    
  • Sound abatement:  noise issues at the Sports Park needed to be addressed
  • Committee asked WGI to design a plan that would make use of our existing facilities and repurpose these facilities when possible to minimize costs
  • WGI needed to be aware of any existing easements.
All of these concerns are addressed by the design concept that WGI has proposed. 
Residents can view the Proposed Conceptual Design prepared by WGI and presented to the community on January 17, 2022.
If you have any questions, please contact the Ad Hoc Land Use Committee at